Secure Shopping uses PayPal for the online shopping system.  With PayPal you can be assured your information will be secured.  All credit card and debit card payments to are made to Paypal’s Verified Business Account.  When an item is added to the shopping cart, the quantity and item are temporarily stored and the item, price and tax (if applicable) and shipping cost are calculated and displayed.

When “Go to Payments” is selected, the price is displayed and the customers address is collected.  At this point there is no commitment to purchase an item.  When “Continue” is selected, the item and quantity together with the customer’s address are encrypted and passed from the shopping cart to PayPal but there is still no commitment to purchase.  The secure checkout process in handled entirely by PayPal.  No credit card or debit card information is collected by or stored on this website.

When paying to PayPal if the delivery address is different from the customer’s billing address, the billing address must be entered in PayPals checkout page.

PayPal is the method of choice for online shoppers because they do not have to share their financial information with the retailer and they can shop securely.